BOSTON UNIVERSITY - Master of Fine Arts, Painting 2009

CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, LONG BEACH - Bachelor of Fine Arts, Drawing and Painting 2006



THE ART LEAGUE 49TH ANNUAL PATRONS' SHOW FUNDRAISER - The Art League Gallery, Alexandria, VA, 2017

THE ART LEAGUE STUDENT/FACULTY SHOW 2017 - The Art League Gallery, Alexandria, VA 2017

CONNECTION - Atlantic Gallery, New York City, NY, 2016

STROKES OF GENIUS - Maryland Federation of Art Circle Gallery, Annapolis, MD, 2015

NVCC VISUAL ARTS FACULTY SHOW - Tyler Gallery, Alexandria, VA, 2015

IN THE FLESH 5 - Target Gallery, Alexandria, VA, 2015

NVCC VISUAL ARTS FACULTY SHOW - Tyler Gallery, Alexandria, VA, 2014

WILD WOMEN: LUCK BE A LADY - River Gallery, Independence, OR, 2014

WOU ART FACULTY BIENNIAL SHOW - Cannon Gallery of Art, Monmouth, OR, 2013

WOU ART FACULTY EXHIBIT - North Santiam Hall Gallery, Corvallis, OR, 2012

WOU ART FACULTY BIENNIAL SHOW - Cannon Gallery of Art, Monmouth, OR, 2011

SYNERGY - Target Gallery, Torpedo Factory Art Center, Alexandria, VA, 2011

M.F.A. THESIS SHOW - 808 Gallery, Boston, MA, 2009

M.F.A. CANDIDATE SHOW - Commonwealth Gallery, Boston, MA, 2008

INSIGHTS - University Art Museum, CSULB, Long Beach, CA, 2006


CONCRETE REMAINS - Teal Street Studio, Culver City, CA, 2006

MOMENT - Werby Gallery, Long Beach, CA, 2006

artist statement

Seeing is a developmental process within my studio practice.  Each day my eyes absorb a little more information from what I am studying, finding ways to organize and translate this information into paint is what keeps me engaged.  As I scrutinize the relationships between forms, geometries within the compositional structure are formed, edited, and redeveloped throughout the painting process.

Light is very important in my work.  Constantly examining, I am sensitive to the active and often delicate ways that light describes form, this is why I work from direct observation.  My goal is to respond to the mood of a space.  My subject acts as a compass, redirecting me when my painting is lost.  I transition from painting to painting as the sun moves through the sky, only painting when the light is right and redrawing when it isn’t.

Drawing is an important element in my paintings.  Regardless of what stage a painting may be in, I do not hesitate to redraw a flawed area.  As I draw I gain an understanding of its physical quality and spatial relationships in relation to my fixed position.  I compare the relative hardness and softness of edges, adjusting each edge as it transitions.

Developments in tonality and color usually follow the initial compositional arrangements and drawing.  Color is complex.  The relationships of color that I perceive are constantly in flux as symphonic bursts of light cause me to question how I describe what I see.   

The subjects that I paint range from still-lifes to landscapes to figures, or a combination of these.  My subjects are drawn from my surroundings, from my personal history, and from the painters that I admire.  I oftentimes organize my compositions to subtly describe observations and concerns from my daily life.  Objects that I include in my work include skulls, potted cacti, fruit, foot-lockers, boots, bricks, and fabrics.

My paintings develop slowly.  At the end of each session I judge my days work, smudging, flattening, scraping, re-grounding, and sanding away what is unacceptable.  Sometimes all that remains is a residual image.  The pentimenti serves as an informative and malleable base for the next days work.  I continuously search for new mediums, tools, additives, surfaces, and pigments in order to expand my descriptive methods.  Some additional tools that I use are rulers, a calculator, rags, and at times, the tips of my fingers. 



Adjunct Instructor, Department of Art and Art History

Washington, DC  (Fall 2014 - Present) 

Painting 1 Acrylic, Painting 1 Oil, Drawing 1


Adjunct Assistant Professor, Foundations, Fine Arts Program  

Alexandria, VA  (Fall 2014 - Present)

Drawing 1, Fundamentals of Design 1, Fundamentals of Design 2, Watercolor 1, Watercolor 2, Painting 1, Painting 2


Instructor, Drawing

Alexandria, VA (Summer 2016 - Present)

Basic Drawing, Artistic Anatomical Drawing


Non-Tenure Track Assistant Professor, Foundations, Art Department

Monmouth, OR (Fall 2011 - Spring 2014)

Introduction to Drawing, Beginning Drawing, Intermediate Drawing, Advanced Drawing, 2-D Design, Color Theory, Intermediate Painting, Advanced Painting


Visiting Artist

Alexandria, VA (Summer 2011)


Teaching Assistant, School of Visual Arts

Boston, MA (Fall 2007 - Spring 2009)

Drawing I, Anatomy and Figure Drawing